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Integrated Masters Programs (M.Phil.) in Public Health Research in Asia (Bangladesh- Nepal,Bhutan, India and Pakistan)

Main partner(s):
  • Hussain, Akhtar (
Bangladesh Institute of Health Sciences (BD, Education)
  • Ali, Liaquat (
Other partners:
Ministry of Health (BT, Education)
Diabetes Research Centre & M.V.Hospital for Diabetes (IN, Education)
Kathmandu University (NP, Education)
Baqai Medical University (PK, Education)
Programme: NOMA
Call: NOMA 2006
Project ID: NOMAPRO-2006/10011
Year of allocation: 2006
Project Status: Completed
Allocation: 11 832 554 NOK
Discipline area(s):
  • Public health
  • Health sciences
  • Clinical medicine
  • Other medical sciences
  • Educational sciences, pedagogy and didactics
Students: List of graduated students and candidates


This proposal seeks fund to establish a regional mutidisciplinary Master program in Public Health with a focus on Asian issues in Dhaka, Bangladesh in collaboration with other partner Institutes in Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan. The activities will include finalization of the study curriculum, initation of the Master course, regional study tours, and workshops that will create the foundation for continuing education in Public Health with a view to develop regional qualified manpower and sustainable cooperation. The larger aim is to develop capacity with the view to strengthen the regional infrastructural basis for Public Health eduaction, research, care and management suitable to tackle the challenges in developing countries, with special focus on contemporary non communicable diseases like Diabetes, Cardio-Vascular Disease and Mental Health. The proposal is built upon a multi-level and multi-disciplinary approach involving three levels: master program, research, and continuing education.

More specifically, this is a proposal to develop and run an Integrated Masters Program and courses in Health Sciences in Asia where Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (DAB) with Bangladesh Institute of Research and Rehabilitation in Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders (BIRDEM) and Bangladesh Institute of Health Sciences (BIHS), will be the key and coordinating partner. Other partner will be Baqai Medical University (BMU) with its Baqai Institute of Diabetology & Endocrinology in Karachi Pakistan, Diabetic Association of Nepal together with Kathmandu University and the Ministry of health-Bhutan. The consortium enjoys an unique history of scientific collaboration with India, Sri-Lanka and China in the region.

The proposal will build on the experiences of implementing similar programs in Asia which are in force since 1999. The two, ongoing implementation of the research program in Bangladesh and Pakistan funded by the Norwegian Research Council will provide the empirical basis and synergy effect for learning context for the proposed program. The longer term vision is to build Asian networks where Bangladesh may serve as a resource base to develop similar programmes in the countries of collaboration (Bangladesh-Nepal- Bhutan and Paksitan) {South-South collaboration}, and also network of networks between Asia and Africa so as to enable joint learning and sharing of experiences and teaching material.

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